We, a group of Ghanaians, from diverse ethnic, religious, age, gender and professional backgrounds have reviewed the political, economic, social and culture situation of Ghana and have come to together and formed the Social Justice Movement (SJM).


SJM main aim is:

To begin the process of restoring hope for a better future for Ghana, a future which breaks the stranglehold over our economy and uses our resources primarily for the wellbeing of our people.

The SJM is a self-financing organisation that aims to mobilise young and working people, the disadvantaged, the vulnerable and those on the margins to fight and struggle for Social Justice in Ghana.

We will do this through the following:

  • Discuss national issues – such as economic, political, social, cultural – to develop a shared understanding and agree common positions.
  • Provide alternative approaches and solutions to the management of the economy and society.
  • Work with our workers, farmers, traders, business people, etc. to improve on their living conditions.
  • Ensure the youth – men and women – play an active part in the activities and deliberations of their club and shape the priorities and growth of their clubs;
  • Work towards a political formation in Ghana that will compete for state power through the electoral process to ensure that the priorities of our people (especially the poorer members of our society) become the country’s priorities.

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