By Amarkine Amarteifio

9th October 2017

The politicians tell us so proudly of the roads they have constructed. But the rains come down to show us the type and quality of roads they speak so proudly of.
Our city authorities tell us Accra is the millennium city and the former mayor, the best in Africa. A few hours of rainfall tell us the real and actual city we have!
It’s so difficult to hide who and what we are!
Our drains and gutters double as rubbish and human waste systems.
Our streets double as markets where the youth as well as advertising billboards have priority over road safety and directional signs.
Our schools and classrooms double as churches.
Our city doubles as a large public urinal.
Our capital doubles as a slum with several places doubling as kraal for cattle.
Our beaches double as tourist sites and open defecating spaces.
Our streets double as permanent mechanic workshops.
Our junctions double as taxi ranks and lorry stations and spaces for small scale tabletop yam and “kelewele”fryers.
Our pavements and sidewalks double as trading places for hawkers.
Our market places double as open air churches while foodstuffs are displayed and sold from the dirty muddy ground.
Our gas and petrol filling stations double as restaurants which we all patronize. And then when there is an Armageddon at Atomic junction, we all pretend we never saw the coming together of the social sulfur and brimstone that causes an inferno!
So many of our politicians double as public servants and sophisticated thieves.
Our pastors double as evangelical entrepreneurs- selling the gospel to a desperate generation of young idiots.
There are just too many parallel countries within Ghana!
Why can’t we have one country we all can see so clearly?
The doubles are too many and confusing!
Meanwhile, Pentecostal Christianity has become a double and a good front for business and madness. Many of our so-called men of God, if we are to describe what we know of them by their fruit, are more like psychiatric patients who have ran away from completing their treatment and are out there, forming and leading churches and using their psychosis in the name of Jesus to frighten and threaten a gullible generation into obedience to the will of a god created in the image and likeness of their psychosis. Maybe, we need to scrap the Narcotics Control Board and replace it with a Religious Control Board. Or just let them double too!
As for our independence, I’m struggling to understand why we still can’t stop it from being a double for dependence!